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A REALTOR makes a difference!

Ray and I have always known how hiring a REALTOR over a real estate agent makes a difference and it's confirmed!

DMAR (Denver Metro Area REALTORS) writes:

Experience the REALTOR® Difference: An Agent You Can Trust

Having the right real estate professional by your side can make all the difference in the world. But choose wisely! Not all agents are equal.

Buying a home can be one of the most stressful and confusing times in a person’s life... luckily you’ll have a professional by your side through the whole process. When you team up with the right real estate expert, the difference is night and day.

But choose wisely. Not all agents are equal. With over two million real estate agents in the United States, it can be difficult choosing which agent you would like to work with. It’s important to find someone you trust completely. Remember, a great agent must be ethical, experienced, informed and well-connected.

One easy step to narrow down your pick is to look for the REALTOR® designation.

Not all real estate agents bear this name, and it’s your first indicator that you’ve found someone serious about the real estate profession. All real estate agents must maintain a license, but REALTORS® are agents who take things a step further - or several steps further. By joining the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), as well as a local organization like the Denver Metro Association of REALTORS®, agents commit themselves to a stricter standard of excellence and connect themselves to a greater web of professionals. By limiting your options to agents with the REALTOR® title, you can be confident your representation is up to snuff.

It’s the higher standard of excellence that maintains the REALTOR® brand and the reason you can expect a positive experience when you work with one. A REALTOR® will go above and beyond for you because they’ve already done that for themselves by joining an Association.

What does it feel like to have someone like this working on your behalf? It’s something you need to experience yourself, but we can help give you an idea. Look out for #ExperienceTheRealtorDifference to get further tips on finding a great agent you can trust completely. We would love to be your trusted resource.



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