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VA Loan Programs for Veterans

2018 was a great year for us! However, one of our biggest accomplishments was becoming Military Relocation Professionals. With this latest designation we were educated on working with current and former military service members to find the housing solutions that best suit their needs and take full advantage of their military benefits. Below, is information on the VA Loan Program. If you know someone who could benefit by this program or any real estate needs, please have them contact us today!

Some of the great benefits of the VA program:

- No down payment with full entitlement.

-No monthly mortgage insurance payment.

- VA Funding Fee can be rolled into the loan.

- VA loans are assumable with VA approval.

- Cash-out refinances are available.

- Streamlined documentation for Refis.

- Potential to refinance a non-VA loan into a VA loan.

- Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loans are available.

- Flexible credit requirements are not dependent on credit score.

Is the VA Home Loan Program for me?

The following may be eligible:

- Current active military, honorably-discharged Veterans, and Reservists.

- Qualifying surviving spouses.

- Civilians granted Veteran status through employment.

Contact us for more eligibility details or to be put in touch with a strong lender who specializes in this programs.



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